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initiating powerful regeneration and building a continued strong immune system is today's key factor in high performance" 

Consultation in recovery and regeneration

Expertise in nutrients, natural supplements, natural vital substances and holistic cell nutrition to maximize body recovery for professional athletes.

Professional Training for athletes

Professional Training includes specific exercises and programs to improve power, strength and flexibility. Expertise in specific flexibility training and innovative strength training in relation of optimal body function.

Dr. med. Thomas van Gretz

doctor for orthomolecular medicine 

Dr. Thomas van Gretz is a pioneer of regenerative medicine and a specialist of nutrition and the supply of nutrients in professional sports.

Dr. Thomas van Gretz attended the german university of heidelberg where he received his medical degree. He has over 30 years experience in holistic medicine combined with traditional medicine and special 

regeneration methods in professional sports.

Christian Brückner

physical therapist

I graduated from academy for health professions in Rotthalmünster. , where I received my degree in physiotherapy. I was continuing further education in structural osteopathy and chiropractic by Dr. Ackermann.

I specialized myself in nutrition, micro-nutrients, natural vital substances and the power of innovative regeneration in high performance professions.

With Dr. Thomas van Gretz together we can provide individual powerful regeneration and a continued strong immune system for any professional athlete.

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